IRNA: 103 countries join Iran programming contest

103 countries join Iran programming contest

Tehran, Oct 19, IRNA -- A total of 10,266 computer programmers from 103 countries have participated in the 3rd Bayan Programming Contest.

 The qualification round of the contest was held online during October 9-12. The elimination round took place on October 19 online and the on-site finals will take place in Tehran early 2015.

Leading contestants from the top 20 countries will be invited to the finals.

Talented programmers compete in solving problems inspired by real-world scenarios during the competitions hosted by Bayan Company.

A total number of 4,910 contestants from 54 countries participated in Bayan Programming Contest during 2012-13. They went through a challenging competition to advance to the on-site event.

All accommodation expenses are covered by the company, while the flight expenses of the top ten participants will be met by the organizers.

Contestants are free to choose their programming language.

There is no limit on programming languages because of the output-only nature of problems.

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